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 Norman Vincent Peale once said that the life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence. When you return home after a hard day’s work, what is it that you wish to come back to? We may spend our days with a cacophony of an urban jungle, racing to meet deadlines and the day to day hustle. Do we wish to carry that back home as well? It doesn’t matter if you return to a 1 BHK home or a bunglow, what matters is your peace of mind. Home is your safe place, your cocoon. It should be filled with happy, peaceful vibes for you to enjoy. Dehradun has long been a choice of retired professionals to settle down owing to its natural charms, peaceful pace of life and abundance of facilities. A combination which is rare to find these days.

While people may have different ways to attain that coveted peace of mind, however, studies show that more closer you are to a natural environment, the more stress-free your life gets. While you may be doing all the yoga and meditation, if your surroundings are filled with honking horns and disruptive noises, that harmony won’t extend itself. The daily grind of city life is driving more and more people towards the hills and the surrounding areas. Cities such as Dehradun is seeing an influx of such people who wish to come back to a calmer environment. Developers like The Pacific Golf Estate have a self-contained 2 BHK flats for smaller families where they can have a better quality of life.

The past year has taught us many lessons. One of which is that health is of utmost importance and one should not be casual about that. The alarming levels of pollution in the cities have been a growing cause of various lung diseases. Small children and the elderly are the worst affected. The stress levels are too high with job pressure and driving long distances in the traffic. A 3 BHK flat in a place like Dehradun would ensure that the elderlies and the kids of the family can find some respite. The city offers extremely good medical facilities and has always been known for excellent educational options.

The life in densely populated cities affects the kids as well. Gone are the days when they could step out of their homes and indulge in some playtime. The environment outside is not conducive due to emissions and lack of play areas. Structured sports facilities cannot be accessed by everyone and charge a hefty amount. Those staying in small 1 BHK flats, do not even have a balcony. Tier 2 cities like Dehradun have gated complexes like The Pacific Gold Estate which offer sports facilities along with secure play areas for younger kids. Mothers can have that peace of mind that their child is playing in a safe environment within the complex itself. It also offers these kids a chance at a healthier and outdoorsy life in the pristine environment of Dehradun.

With health, we also mean mental health. The sudden upward trend of working from home comes with its challenges. The cramped apartments of the metros offer little respite and it has lead to irritable behavior, hypertension and depression in people. Imagine a cozy 2 BHK flat in Dehradun, surrounded by lush green mountains and a spacious balcony for you to set your work desk in. Wouldn’t that bliss be priceless where you are surrounded by verdant vistas and calm surroundings? Work from home wouldn’t feel like work at all as you can get into that zen-like mode within your apartment.

Dehradun has always been known as an educational hub but it is quickly becoming a haven for young professionals who can work remotely or those who are looking for some solitude. From single room houses to 3 BHK , the developers like the Pacific Golf Estate of Dehradun understand the growing housing needs which need to be holistic and affordable at the same time.