How to look for the your perfect, dream residential property in Dehradun? June 30, 2021 June 30, 2021 admin
Group housing projects in Dehradun

There is one thing about Dehradun – the city, that it is extremely beautiful and provides peace and calm to whomsoever enters the city with the dreams to buy a residential property or to even rent it. The city has provided people with beautiful landscapes and weather for many and many years now. Also, the cost of living to provide shelter for yourself in a city like Dehradun which is built around the foothills of Himalayas making the scenery and landscape of the city more so beautiful in the season of winter, with a jaw dropping view of high-top mountains covered in snow, making the temperature drop to the lowest at times.

As mentioned, the cost of living in a city like Dehradun is low because of the less needs and wants of the people. In a metropolitan city with the eyes glaring towards glamour and luxurious lifestyle, the cost of living becomes expensive but in Dehradun where the lifestyle of the people is rooted in their old heritage of simplistic living, the cost of living becomes minimal with also the rates of necessities being on a slightly lower side. There are many properties in Dehradun which are a delight for the eye and also in terms of the facilities the properties provide to its residents. The group housing projects in Dehradun have become quite popular because it manages the residence for the population in the city.

Some of the best locations to go for renting or buying a property would be: Rajpura Road, Sahastradhara road, Mussoorie road, Cantt road, etc. The beautiful properties in Dehradun at an extremely nominal rate are – Avenue Jewel Residency, Pacific Golf Estate, Mussoorie Woods, Imperial Heights, Pearl Heights, Awho Society, Green View Residency. These residential properties are some of the best properties out there in Dehradun for the rental and ownership purposes. The facilities provided by these are extremely premium at a very substantial price.