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Independent House in Dehradun

Comfort and Affordability are the two main criteria of potential buyers today as opposed to the budget being the main criteria a few decades ago. Potential investors today look at many more factors before spending their hard-earned money than they used to earlier. Apart from the ones mentioned above, they consider the location, the services, and amenities available, safety, proximity to medical facilities and schools, and extracurricular activities that families can do together. This trend and these concerns are applicable to all buyers, even if it is a buyer investing in a 1 BHK flat. 

The Pacific Golf Estate located in the doon valley in Dehradun is a perfect example of what potential buyers are seeking today. This residential society is an epitome of luxury and comfort where one can own an independent house easily, without it being a drain on the pocket. They offer 1, 2 and 3 bhk flat in Dehradun. All apartments are made keeping recent trends and interiors fashions in mind. All equipment and fittings in the flats are of the best brands and stylish in nature. 

Owning a 2 BHK flat in the Pacific Golf Estate is a luxury in itself. All the apartments come with a large 6 feet balcony that overlooks the great Himalayan range. One can also witness beautiful landscapes and water bodies. The Pacific Golf Estate is surrounded by nature not only on the outside, but the developers have made sure that the interiors are also as scenic. More than 60 percent of the area is covered by lush green gardens and landscaping that can be enjoyed by sitting in the multiple gazebos they have made. 

Dehradun is well known for its educational institutes and training academics hence it sees many young people moving to the city. These aspirational youngsters look for a 1 BHK flat wherein they can reside peacefully and prepare for examinations. The Pacific Golf Estate with all the perks that it offers, gives an ideal opportunity to such individuals who want an interrupting and docile environment to live in. They can also make use of the multiple sports facilities they offer, like basketball, badminton, tennis, squash, swimming pool, and a jogging track. 

With the coronavirus changing the lifestyle of people around the world, many people have started to move to smaller cities to be away from densely populated areas. The idea is to live in an environment where there is minimal interaction with the outside world. The Pacific Golf Estate offers a perfect 2 bhk flat for such families who are now looking to live an isolated life in order to stay safe and healthy. They promise and deliver a safe gated society and ensure regular sanitization of all public areas and apartment buildings. 

Keeping in view the point mentioned above, many families have also faced space constraints as now all activities are being done inside. Hence families are looking for 3 bhk flats wherein the whole family can reside comfortably and work out of the same too. All apartments in the Pacific Golf Estate are very spacious and exemplify comfort by all means. They have followed a low-density apartment layout and all apartments have an earthquake resistant RCC frame structure. The electric fittings, wirings, and kitchen fittings are all branded and are concealed with ISI copper wiring. 

To be able to live amidst nature and own an independent house in the doon valley is almost like a dream come true for many families. The Pacific Golf Estate adheres to the desires of potential buyers and delivers the best realty and infrastructure solutions to them.